Optimize your development with Qaack

The first Web Environment Manager (WEM)

WEM? What does that mean?

A Web Environment Manager helps you creating and sharing disposable web environments easily, with the data you choose.

Benefits of using Qaack

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Speed up your workflow

Qaack helps your team and make them faster by providing a simple and intuitive platform to test your development progress.

How? Qaack is able to automatically create temporal sites for MRs and PRs.

This way, your team can test the changes in a real environment without the need to deploy them to test or production.

Showcase your work

Qaack temporal sites (a.k.a environments) are automatically generated when you push your code to your repository.

Fully customizable, you can describe how the environments will work and provide them the data they will need.

Once the environment is ready, sharing it is as easy as sending the link.

Easy for non technical people

The Qaack WebUI is designed to be easy to use for non technical people.

The workflow is clear and simple and the UI is intuitive in order to assure that.

Rich for developers

With the fully featured API and CLI consuming its services is really straightforward and flexible for developers.

Aditionally, Qaack offers configuration and options for developers, allowing them to use it as they want.

Key features that you will love

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